Legal Clinics
We have free legal clinics across a range of areas available to community members. If you have a problem outside of these areas, you can call our office at (415) 896-1701 for a referral. The following clinics take place at our office (located at 55 Columbus Ave., San Francisco, CA 94111) several times a month. Contact (415) 896-1701 to schedule an appointment.

Immigration: We provide free legal advice and services primarily in the area of deportation. For San Francisco residents, we also provide advice and services in the areas of adjustment of status (becoming a permanent resident) and naturalization (becoming a citizen). 

Days: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month + Time: 5:30pm. By appointment only.

Housing: Our free legal clinics cover such topics as Supplemental Security Income, housing issues including eviction notices, unlawful detainer cases, and rent increases, assistance for seniors, and housing discrimination. 

Days: 1st, 3rd and last Tuesday of every month + Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm

Workers’ Rights: We provide consults for for low-wage workers on issues such as unpaid wages, overtime, unemployment insurance benefits, wrongful termination, discrimination/harassment, health and safety, and more. 

Days: 1st and 3rd Thursdays every month + Time: By appointment only.

Immigration Resources
Deportation Defense Guides:
You can download Deportation Defense guides in English, Spanish, and Chinese through our coalition work in the San Francisco Immigrant Legal and Education Network (SFILEN). 

TRUTH & TRUST Act Pocket Guides: Here are downloadable pocket guides on the California TRUTH Act, which went into effect on January 1, 2017. The TRUTH Act requires that local law enforcement inform immigrants of their right to remain silent prior to any interview by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Here are downloadable pocket guides on the California TRUST Act, which has been law since 2014. The TRUST Act places limits on when local law enforcement can hold immigrants in local jail for extra time for immigration enforcement. 

Statewide "ICE out of CA" Helpline: Community members can call the ICE Out of CA helpline at 1-844-878-7801 to report a raid in CA or if they or a loved one was transferred from a local jail to ICE. 

CA Values Act: This is a pending state bill (2017 legislative cycle) that limits use of state and local resources and personnel for immigration enforcement.  For more information, here is a factsheet.  To sign the petition in support of the bill, please sign here.

Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South Asian (AMEMSA) Resources
Our National Security & Civil Rights staff also provides free direct legal services to the AMEMSA communities. For more resources and to get to know our National Security & Civil Rights Program, please check out our website.

"Know Your Rights" In Person Trainings for Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian (AMEMSA) Communities: Our National Security & Civil Rights Program staff can provide you and your community with 'Know Your Rights' trainings. We have conducted specific trainings for the community at local Mosques, Gurdwaras, community centers, festivals, and other community meetings. Please call Community Advocate Jehan Hakim for more information: (415) 848-7706

Know Your Rights for AMEMSA communities when interacting with the FBI: We have materials for the community in English and Arabic on how to be safe when interacting with FBI available here.

Know Your Rights for children in AMEMSA communities:  In line with our work to pass AB2845 Safe Place to Learn Act which provides resources to address school bullying for AMEMSA youth in California, our partners at the Council on American-Islamic Relations as well as Sikh Coalition have guides for youth rights, safety, and bullying at school. 

Health Resources in California
Medi-Cal: Under Permanent Residence Under the Color of the Law (PRUCOL), Medi-Cal eligible deferred action recipients can access this state program which provides medical services to low-income residents in California. Please take a look at our Medi-Cal one-page handout for eligibility requirements, application process, and documents checklist.

CIPC and E4FC developed Taking Control of Your Health, a Frequently Asked Questions guide to clarify Medi-Cal eligibility and address challenges to health care access. The Dream Resource Center developed Your Health Matters! a step-by-step enrollment guide to Medi-Cal for individuals who have DACA.

Surgery Without Medical Insurance: Surgery Without Borders is a California non-profit organization that helps anyone uninsured to receive discounted surgical services regardless of immigration status.

Free Health Clinic in the Bay Area: Clinic by the Bay is a volunteer-powered free health clinic for working uninsured adults in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties.

Housing Resources
Fair Housing: We have Know Your Rights pamphlets on Fair Housing available in EnglishChinese, and Arabic

Rent Increases: We have Know Your Rights pamphlets on Rent Increases available in English and Chinese.

Tenant Buyout Agreements: We have Know Your Rights pamphlets on Tenant Buyout Agreements available in English and Chinese.

Worker's Rights Resources
Wage and Hour: We have Know Your Rights pamphlets on Wage and Hour available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

Workers' Compensation: We have Know Your Rights pamphlets on Workers' Compensation available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Unemployment Insurance: We have Know Your Rights pamphlets on Unemployment Insurance available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

What to Do If Immigration (ICE) Shows Up at Your Workplace: Available in English and Spanish (courtesy of AltoTrump)

Immigrants Rising: Immigrants Rising is a new initiative to promote entrepreneurship opportunities for all immigrants, regardless of status. More information on this initiative, including webinar-based programming, is available here (courtesy of Educators for Fair Consideration [E4FC])

ITIN Guide: Provides information and updates about the IRS's individual tax identification number (ITIN), available here (courtesy of E4FC)